Healthy 5 Minute Gluten Free Paleo Bread

Healthy 5 Minute Gluten Free Paleo Bread
Healthy 5 Minute gluten free sandwich bread. Easy paleo diet recipes. Best gluten free bread.
Healthy 5 Minute gluten free sandwich bread. Easy paleo diet recipes. Best gluten free bread.

Get ready to bite into a super soft slice of sandwich bread. Made without grains, of course! This loaf of gluten free bread is made in 5 minutes and then it’s in the oven! Plus, it tastes like legit sandwich bread. Grain free, dairy free, and healthy- this bread loaf will disappear fast. It was a hit in this house. And I hope you love it too!

Healthy 5 Minute gluten free sandwich bread. Easy paleo diet recipes. Best gluten free bread.

Just sayin. Finally finishing my very first ebook… Well it’s like ten times better then being a kid in the candy store😍 To finish this ebook is such a victory for me. Due to all the many blog projects over the last few months and my chronic illness making it a battle to work- getting this baby on the shelves is a dream!

View my ebook, 5 Easy Paleo Breads– including my favorites: An Authentic Crustry Artisan bread Loaf and Bagel Bread! You won’t believe these breads are grain free and paleo! Because they look and taste like the real thing. My ebook is on sale 50% off for a limited time. So be sure to grab your copy now:) See ya over there.

Fresh food photography and styling.

I just had to share the joy with all you! Because of you this is happening. You guys rockπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ A little sniper into my world. Because creating is hard work. And when it finally pays off after months and years of learning. Let’s just say, I’m on cloud nine. This business has been so healing for me. To still be moving forward when it feels like my healthΒ is falling apart. It reminds me that this is not the finish line. Because there are blessings in front of me stillπŸ’— Thanks for being a part of my journey.

Healthy 5 Minute gluten free sandwich bread. Easy paleo diet recipes. Best gluten free bread.

the gluten free bread part

Now for the food part. Because what would a food blog be with only random life commentary and no yummy things to eat??! So… this 5 minute bread literally blew my mind! Wanna know why? Well for starters, it is super easy to make! Only a few ingredients. Throw it in a blender (or food processor). Then bake in the oven. And after it comes out??? Well, that’s when the really good stuff starts happening! Like devouring slice after slice:) This bread is so incredibly soft on the inside and has a moist texture like a loaf of homemade sandwich bread.

Back when I used to eat wheat, once a week my family would buy homemade loaves of bread from a local baker. It was heavenly and filled with whole grains and amazing yeasty flavor. The texture of this bread reminds me of those soft loaves of bread. So, I thought I would share the yumminess. Enjoy!


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Healthy 5 Minute Gluten Free Paleo Bread
Healthy, gluten free 5 minute sandwich bread. Grain free, paleo, and soft. Great for making sandwiches or slathering in honey butter!
Cook Time 35 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Side Dish
Votes: 8
Rating: 4.13
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Recipe Notes

Serve with honey butter or make a yummy sandwich! I made a delicious pesto tomato open face. And it was divine!!

Cook Time 35 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Side Dish
Votes: 8
Rating: 4.13
Rate this recipe!
Recipe Notes

Serve with honey butter or make a yummy sandwich! I made a delicious pesto tomato open face. And it was divine!!

  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Line a standard bread pan with parchment paper.
  2. In a blender or food processor, combine all of the ingredients for the bread.
  3. Pour the batter into the loaf pan. Bake on 350F for 35 minutes until golden on top.
Nutrition Facts
Healthy 5 Minute Gluten Free Paleo Bread
Amount Per Serving
Calories 302 Calories from Fat 189
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 21g 32%
Saturated Fat 7g 35%
Polyunsaturated Fat 2g
Monounsaturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 62mg 21%
Sodium 187mg 8%
Potassium 22mg 1%
Total Carbohydrates 23g 8%
Dietary Fiber 6g 24%
Sugars 3g
Protein 8g 16%
Vitamin A 1%
Calcium 13%
Iron 9%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Healthy 5 Minute gluten free sandwich bread. Easy paleo diet recipes. Best gluten free bread.
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  1. 1

    This is hands down the best gluten free bread I’ve tried (paleo and non-paleo alike)! I used ground chia seed in place of the flax, as it was all I had on hand. It wasn’t quite as pretty as yours, but tastes wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  2. 3

    This is hands down the best gluten free bread I’ve tried (paleo and non-paleo alike)! Tastes just like regular bread. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. 7

    This bread is so so good! I love that it doesn’t have Cassava flour, which upsets my stomach a little. It was so easy and the recipe is also pretty forgiving. I had a crazy two year old (who I thought would like to “help”) and an infant while I was making this and ended up spilling some of the flours and I didn’t measure very accurately and it still came out amazing! Thank you for the recipe!

  4. 11
    Adrianne ,

    GIRL!!! I’m with the rest! I’ve tried about 15 Pinterest paleo breads and all were meh. This is AMAZING! My fiancΓ© is in the kitchen literally eating the whole loaf right now! I also agree that this recipe is super forgiving…

    I forgot I actually had arrowroot on hand and not wasting the almond flour (22$ where I live) I subbed tapioca. I also don’t like flax at all so I subbed tapioca flour for that also. I also had only three farm eggs – one was pretty big though lol. I also make my own 1-1 ratio baking powder with baking soda and cream of tarter.
    It turned out great! Such an amazing crust crunch and it has that spongy texture that all the other paleo breads don’t. It’s soft, light and spread on with Kerrygold salted butter!!! It’s got the slightest hint of sweet. Can’t wait to make my paleo strawberry jam for this! Also excited about applegate lunch meat with this bread for sandwiches! This will be a staple for us (im allergic to preservatives).

  5. 13

    AMAZING!! I used coconut flour instead of arrowroot (cant have arrowroot). It still turned out really well but needed to cook about 20 min longer.
    So delicious I don’t even need to put anything on it!

  6. 15

    Hi I just lost 29 lbs and looking for a healthier choice bread I’m really wanting to try your bread but really scared of the calories. Is that per slice or whole loaf?

    • 16
      Kaylie Johnson

      It’s per slice. The thing with paleo is- don’t be afraid of the calories because they come from healthy fats instead of carbs, which is way healthier for you and helps you loose weight, get energy, and have brain power! Healthy fats all the way my friend:)

  7. 21

    I have tapioca flour. can i use that instead of arrowroot flour? Also can I use coconut sugar instead of honey and if so would i add the 2tb of coconut sugar? I can’t wait to try this!
    thank you,

  8. 25

    I tried this recipe yesterday, it turned out pretty good, I liked that it doesn’t brake when cut, it was easy to make toast with. I wish I would use a smaller loaf pan (5″ x 9″ ) my loaf was flat. Would this recipe work with less eggs? I could taste eggs in it.

  9. 30
    Amy Thiessen @ These Wild Acres

    Alright. So I saw this recipe yesterday, and knew I had to make it- even on a weeknight. Blender bread = so so easy (thank you!) Long story short, we’ve already eaten the whole loaf. My husband made awesome BLT’s for dinner, my toddler helped himself to a couple after dinner pieces. πŸ˜€ THEN. This morning my husband used the remaining slices to make open face breakfast sammies… runny egg and all. I did bake the loaf for quite a bit longer than you posted… but I’m pretty sure that is a reflection of our sad oven more than anything else. The bread has an awesome rustic texture… I’m going to try bruschetta with it next!! We did give each slice a quick fry in bacon grease to “toast” right before serving. Sidenote, I’m 6mo pregnant… so 2 full BLT’s is totally the norm for me right now πŸ˜€ Anyway, THANK YOU! This is my first time landing at your site… and I can’t wait to explore more of your recipes!!

  10. 32

    Thank you so much! This was delicious, didn’t crumble and fall apart like most g.f. breads. I brought it to my Bible Study group, one gal is on the Paleo diet and I am gluten free, two gals can eat anything. They all loved it. It is so easy to make, again, thank you so much for posting. I’ve already shared the recipe with two of the gals in the group.

  11. 34

    I am just worried a bit about the calorie intake. Calories per serving 302? isn’t that a bit much? 12 servings 3628 for the whole bread? I hope that is it a mistake. It does look gorgeous and I will try it but would also like to be sure regarding the amount I will be consuming. Thank you.

    • 35
      Kaylie Johnson

      The calories in this bread are from the healthy fats that actually fuel your brain and are burned as fuel, used as energy- the exact opposite of regular bread! The calorie count is completely un-harmful once you switch your mindset that healthy fat are good for you! πŸ™‚ Hope that helps!

  12. 36

    Hi Kaylie! I’ve just discovered your fabulous blog! πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to baking this bread! I’ve recently been diagnosed with a coconut allergy (bummer). Could I replace the coconut oil with solid palm shortening (Spectrum) instead?
    Thanks! Looking forward to checking out your other recipes!

  13. 40

    I see a lot of people are asking about a substitute for the Arrowroot flour, but is there a substitute I can use for the Almond Flour? I have a tree-nut allergy in my house πŸ™‚

  14. 44

    Trying this now but subbed the almond flour for coconut flour since I have issues with nuts. Just added more liquid. We will see how it turns out!

  15. 45

    I have read all the comments and I want to make this bread. I have to watch my salt, so is it a total of 12 slices and one slice is a serving? Thanks for the recipe, very eager to try it.

  16. 47

    Just want to say that I NEVER review anything.. and this recipe was completely worthy of a review! By far the easiest and tastiest bread I’ve made! I just sliced it into pieces and put right into the freezer. Perfect for sandwich bread or for turning into a sweet treat. Thanks for such a great recipe that is so easy to make : )

  17. 49

    This is by far the best paleo bread I’ve ever made or eaten! I’ve tested so many recipes this past year and this is THE recipe I’ve been lookin for! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  18. 51

    Wow I almost fainted at the calorie count!!! 604 for 2 slices of bread and that is without putting anything on it for a sandwich. I am trying to lose weight guess it will be without bread 😲

    • 52
      Kaylie Johnson

      The calories in this bread are from the healthy fats that actually fuel your brain and are burned as fuel, used as energy- the exact opposite of regular bread! The calorie count is completely un-harmful once you switch your mindset that healthy fat are good for you! πŸ™‚ Hope that helps!

  19. 54

    My substitutions were coconut flour instead of arrowroot and honey for maple syrup AND regular gluten free flour instead of almond flour….some almond flour but not all. I also used 3 large eggs instead of 4 medium ones. With saying all of that I had to put more liquid was too dense. Coconut flour needs more liquid. The bread tastes great but it’s too dense and didn’the rIse enough. Did the maple syrup vs honey or lack of one egg have anything to do with that density? I also don’the like the sweet taste in bread. Don’t eat any sugar so I am probably super sensitive to that taste. Your thoughts on the density, not rising enough and 3 large eggs vs 4 medium ones, in terms of making the bread rise more? Also would like a harder seeded bread. Do u have a recipe for that? I like hard breads. The taste is very good but not for breakfast or sandwiches. Not for me at any rate. Any suggestions? Thanks for ur help!

    • 55
      Kaylie Johnson

      Hi Ria! First off- coconut four will not work as a sub for arrowroot- they have completely different properties and react differently, so that’s why your bread didn’t work out. If you follow the recipe it should turn out great! I love your adventurous spirit in cooking πŸ™‚ I would suggest making the recipe as directed for better results. About the hard bread- I have a fabulous hard crusty bread in my paleo bread ebook that fits the bill (seeds can easily be adds to it). Hope that helps! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hard bread recipe:

  20. 56

    Thanks Kaylie. I used the ingredients I had at hand so that is why I did what I did. Can I eliminate the maple syrup without loosing something? Don’t like the sweet taste. I will try the other recipe first and let you know how I make out. Thanks for getting back to me. We need everyone’s expertise. Glad you like my adventurous spirit….making mistakes is just so much fun!!! :^)

  21. 60

    Blew me away! I have tried about 25 different gluten free bread recipes that all went into the garbage. This came out looking exactly like yours in the picture and really tasted okay. Next time I’ll add a little sugar to balance the salty taste I had (my fault).
    You’re 21 years old? You go girl!

  22. 62
    Laura B.

    Just made this and it’s delicious with cinnamon honey butter!!! Thank you so much for sharing this simple and yummy bread recipe!!! I can’t have much sodium, so I left out the salt (since baking powder has quit a bit) and don’t miss it at all!
    Thanks, Kaylie!

  23. 63

    Oh. My. This bread is amazing!! Bringing this to our Mother’s Day lunch tomorrow with lots of non-paleo folks! They are going to love it! Can’t wait to tell them what’s [not] in it! Thanks for the awesome recipe! My husband is already asking me to show him how to make it and dreaming up all the ways he’s gonna eat it! πŸ˜ƒ

  24. 65

    I love the flavor of this bread so much. However my bread was very flat. It looks like yeast bread that did not rise. Any suggestions to help this. I can’t wait to make again and is with sandwiches but now it is too flat

  25. 68

    Hi Kaylie! I’m a paleo eater & LoVe to bake- Just made this bread to the T with my 3 year old daughter & it’s brilliant & scrumptious & my lil’ Sage cannot stop saying “yum!!” There’s only one other bread recipe we have as our go-to staple, but now we have an ultimate 2 πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing!

  26. 70

    This is my first time ever trying to make bread, let alone paleo and gluten free but it came out perfect and was so easy! And ….100% tastier than normal bread! Thank you for this recipe!!

  27. 72

    This bread is easy to make and delicious! I follow a paleo diet and miss making sandwiches. This bread did not disappoint. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe. : )

  28. 74

    Argh! I’ve literally made 4 different recipes today for yeast free/gluten free breads, and every last one has been a fail. This one is in the oven as I write (please let it be good!). I had to sub a flour because hubby can’t have almond products so I will keep that in mind if it’s not perfect, but seems to at least have potential. I also only had duck eggs, which are large, so used 3 instead of 4 (can’t have chicken eggs either). I will let you know how it turned out! Thanks for the recipe!

  29. 75

    I’m not a big maple syrup fan and I have a co-worker who has her own bees and makes her own honey so I know exactly what I am getting. Have you tried subbing honey for maple syrup or has anyone you have spoken to tried honey instead? If so, what were the results?

  30. 77

    Hi Kaylie,
    So glad I came across your website. I have a question, is arrowroot powder and arrowroot flour the same thing ? We only find arrowroot powder here in India.
    Great website.
    Best Kuku

  31. 79

    This bread is really good, and really easy. Have you tried it with a different oil? The coconut oil flavor really stands out.

  32. 88
    Julia Kruz

    Thanks a lot for healthy gluten free paleo bread recipe! Definitely will try it, but instead of apple cider vinegar i take conventional vinegar, nothing critical i guess.

  33. 89

    This bread is so perfect! Even my husband who hasn’t adopted my gluten free lifestyle loved it. Thinking about adding other things to it. Have you ever tried adding herbs or anything sweet? I feel like this could be the perfect recipe to turn into lots of different variations. Thanks!

  34. 93

    I made this but didn’t have baking powder, so I subbed a little baking soda and greek yogurt instead. I also added some italian herb blend. I froze it overnight to take to camp. Now it’s perfect for a lunch or snack. I’m topping a slice with a little goat chesee, fresh basil, couple pieces of spring mix and a few cherry tomatoes on the side! It’s delicious!

  35. 95

    Hi Kalie, I’m anxious to try this recipe. How long does this need to be cooled before slicing? I know other gluten-free bread “finishes baking” while it’s cooling to prevent it from being soggy inside. We all love a nice warm piece of bread though and I don’t want to rush it! Thanks!

  36. 97
    Sharon Naismith

    Hi, Kaylie. It’s yummy! I just made the bread and ate 4(!) slices before slicing and freezing the rest. I followed the recipe exactly, using the same ingredients, measurements, temp. and baking time. I was surprised by the size of the finished loaf. It measured 3 7/8″ wide by 2″ high. I can’t imagine making a sandwich with slices that size! That said, it tastes great, and has a very good texture. At 35 minutes, I used a toothpick to see if it was baked through. The toothpick came out clean, but on slicing it, I think I’ll give it a few more minutes when I make it again. Thanks for the recipe.

  37. 99
    Carol Clark

    WOW! Just took the loaf out of the oven…it was a weird grayish beige color because I used raw ALMOND flour and I really didn’t expect it to taste very good. I WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISED…ITS DELICIOUS! Texture is very nice….moist and holds together well…not crumbly. And the flavor is wonderful!

  38. 100
    L. Hollandsworth

    Oh my this is delicious and a life saver. Just started the yeast free diet two weeks ago and I was struggling with no toast for breakfast. I think I like this better than regular bread. Used 1 tablespoon honey instead of maple syrup

  39. 101

    Hi! This recipe looks really great and I can’t wait to try it out! Was just wondering how much melted coconut oil I should use? (It’s too hot here for the coconut oil to solidify so I only have melted :/ )

  40. 103

    Tried it tonight, and it’s really good. Didn’t have ground flax meal, so I used the ground flax/chia that I had. Turned out great. I need a recipe that’s egg free too though…. any ideas?

  41. 105

    Love your bread recipe! I have been living Paleo for 20 months and have a growing collection of cook books but this recipe for bread is the best and easiest so far… Thank You!

  42. 107
    Elsabe Jonker

    Hi Kylie, I found your 5 min bread on Pinterest on my tablet. I can not reed the ingridients. There is a black block over that say “get here”. How do I get rid of it, please help, I have red the comments and I want to bake this bread. I stay in South Africa and don’t know if I can buy Arrow root here. Please give me info. Thanks

    • 108
      Kaylie Johnson

      Hi Elsabe, sorry you cannot view it on the device. Maybe try on a lap top? Here are the ingredients:
      1 cup almond flour
      3/4 cup arrowroot flour
      1/2 cup golden milled flax meal
      1/3 cup coconut oil Solid- not melted
      4 medium eggs
      1/4 cup water room temp
      2 tablespoons maple syrup
      1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
      1/2 teaspoon sea salt
      2 teaspoons baking powder

  43. 109

    Wonderful recipe; made it today and will make it again. Two changes I had to make: having no golden milled flax, I had brown flax seeds which I ground in my food processor, (didn’t get as fine as milled). Also had no arrowroot, so used tapioca flour. Delighted with the results. It rose beautifully, had to bake it a few more minutes; the top was a bit less smooth than yours, and the texture is probably a bit different due to fax seed not being as fine as milled. It is still a keeper as it holds together well after slicing. My husband (not paleo) made disparaging remarks when I told him I was making paleo bread, but he ate two thick slices with butter before I snatched it away. He says it won’t hold together for sandwich, but I will make him eat his words tomorrow. Thanks for the wonderful recipe! When this is gone, I am going to make the multi-seed and nut bread.

  44. 110

    Oops; that seed and nut bread is on another site, however I am going to use this recipe as a basis for a carrot onion bread I used to make with ww flour and yeast. I will let you know if it works. Love the recipe.

  45. 111
    Val Fallon

    Excellent recipe. I doubled the recipe so it’s standard bread slice size. I baked it for almost 60 mins (fan forced oven 325F) checking it about 50 mins in. It turned out amazing. Very filling. One sandwich fills me right up. Each slice is about 240 calories if the whole loaf is cut into 16 slices. Thank you for the recipe. I will bake it several times a week. I wrap the bread in cheese cloth and inside a ziploc bag and keep it in the fridge so it will last longer. I’m Australian and I have to eat it with Gluten Free Vegemite. OMG… delicious. I use a Coconut Spread, basically taste like butter and smear vegemite on it and OMG YUM!!! I’m in love and found something I can keep around when I’m hungry on the spot. Thank you! I have a beautiful picture of the loaf. Too bad I can’t find a place to post on here. If you have one made with coconut flour, let me know and if it sticks as well together like Almond flour. I think the Arrowroot does the trick to sticking it all together.

  46. 113

    This recipe looks easy and everyone is commenting on how wonderful it is. My daughter is also egg free. Has anyone tried substituting the eggs in this recipe? Just curious how it turned out

  47. 114

    Hi! I made this bread today and the taste is amazing! The only problem with mine is that it didn’t rise even a little. Yours looks lighter, light not dense. Mine was very dense and even though I cooked it longer still darker and not quite cooked enough in the inside (but the outside was very done). The only thing I did different was I used Brown flax meal and 3 duck eggs because they’re bigger than chicken eggs. The taste was amazing so I would think if I could get it too rise a bit and not be so dense it would be perfect! Do you think adding an extra egg would help out maybe just a egg white since duck have a bit more yolk? Thank you for this recipe! I’m going to try again soon!

      • 116

        I am allergic to chicken eggs so I have to use duck or no eggs. I will look for lighter flax though. I just thought there was no difference but colour. I did try it with two of the duck eggs only using the whites. It came out a bit lighter but still dense. My 4 year old even loved it and that is a hard thing to do lol! I toasted in a pan with grass fed butter and put maple syrup on, he asked for it the next day (this is a child that hates breakfast food)! So good! Thank you!

  48. 117

    The bread was amazing! This was my first GF bread but I think its better than the whole wheat one I usually buy! looking forward to trying out some of your other recipes. Thank you for sharing.

  49. 119
    Krista Jung

    So it tastes super good, it didn’t rise much though (probably about 3/4 of a loaf pan ) and it cracked while baking. Any suggestions???

  50. 121
    Mark Bradley

    We made the mix as directed. We then mixed 1/2 cup coconut sugar and 1 Tablespoon cinnamon in a separate container. Pour 1/2 of the bread mix in the pan, followed by 1/2 of the cinnamon/sugar mix. Then put the rest of the bread mix in the pan and cover with the rest of the cinnamon/sugar mix. Then swirl with a knife. Great bread for having with stew or soup!

  51. 123

    I finally made this recipe BUT as I was about to add the water, I had a choking fit. When I finally recovered I finished adding the ingredients. The mixture looked really dry but I added it to the pan baked it. With 10 minutes left baking, I found the water on the window sill. Hmmmm, I finished baking it and tasted the biscuit like mound. I must say, it tastes delicious still. πŸ€—

  52. 124

    this is super yummy. Mine came out more cake like crumbly. I used extra almond flower bc didnt have arrowroot. I also only used 2 eggs bc I had large eggs

  53. 126

    just tried this recipe out and i had to comment. It was DELICIOUS ! I have made others in the past that tasted too much like eggs, but this bread was a whole different story ! I followed the recipe to a T just cooked it longer since i have an older oven . Thank you so much for this recipe !

  54. 127
    sylvia thur

    Relatively new to paleo. This is the 2nd bread recipe I’ve tried. Extremely happy with this recipe. I used brown flax seed. Soft, slight sweetness to it. I used my immersion blender to help with blending just cause I didn’t want to get the blender out…..will use blender next time .lol. super yum.

  55. 128

    My family and I love this recipe. I have made a few changes to suit our needs.
    We use 6 Tablespoons Cornstarch instead of the Arrowroot flour and Honey instead of Maple Syrup. I add the flax at the end. I also bake on confection for 40min.
    My girls are picky, so it has been hard to find something we all like made with ingredients we can all tolerate.
    Thanks for sharing this! I hope my changes can help others who can’t have arrowroot flour.

  56. 130

    Hi, very interested but very nervous… everyone raves about GF bread they have made and everytime I make it – it tastes yuck!
    I have just quit carbs today so I would like a GF bread that is also low carb. I note that per serving is 23gm. Is this 1 slice or two? What adjustments would I need to make it low / nil carb? Thanks for your help!

  57. 132

    Did you ever notice a scent of ammonia in the bread? I noticed it when I was wrapping it to put it away. I am a pregnant paleo mom and my nose is super sensitive. Please do let me know if this is normal or I will have to throw it away.

  58. 134
    Jenna P

    This bread is amazing!! There is no way you can tell it is Paleo. The only issue I’ve had is after making it three times I’ve never gotten it to rise to be more than 1″ tall. Thoughts? I use a standard size bread pan. I swap Tapioca flour for arrowroot but that hasn’t ever affected other recipes when I swap it.

  59. 139
    Mary Stewart

    I love this bread, it tastes wonderful especially toasted when the crust gets crispy and crunchy. Good texture thing going here. My husband loves it too. However, mine did not rise. Was only about an inch thick. Any suggestions?

  60. 142

    This was sooo good!! Thank you so much! This recipe is a lifesaver for my boyfriend’s lunches. He is always eating his lunch while driving and this bread is so yummy and allows him to continue eating sandwiches on the go! And it’s super easy to make! Thanks again!

  61. 143

    Sounds simple and delicious, my question is, do I really need maple syrup? I know honey and maple syrup are considered natural sugars, but I’d still like to cut all forms of sugar. I have a strong sweet tooth and right now I’m trying to cure it with unsweetened applesauce. Thanks

  62. 145
    Peggy O’Connell

    I made this grain-free Paleo bread this morning! I followed the recipe exactly, and it worked perfectly. The bread is so delicious and satisfying!!! Thanks for providing this wonderful recipe!!

  63. 148
    Shirley Johnson

    The only thing wrong with this recipe is that the results are delicious. I immediately ate two slices before I saw the calorie content, so I am headed to the treadmill! Seriously, this is so good. I used to always make cornbread when I made chili. Tonight I am serving Paleo chili, and this incredible bread!

  64. 151

    I just made my first ever bread.
    Although I enjoy cooking, I have never baked anything in my entire 70 years.
    I used baking soda ,Chia powder, Almond flour, Coconut flour,
    Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, psyllium husk powder, eggs , salt
    and coconut sugar. Blended the lot and ended up with a doughy mixture.
    It came out like a 2 inch thick pizza base. I thought it would be very doughy,
    but actually when I cut through it , it was like a bread. Next time I will use less salt.
    tried to buy some bread , but even though I live in the Sydney CBD , no one actually had any stock.
    So went on line and got inspired to give it a try. Thanks very much.
    regards Les.

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