5 Minute Fluffy Flourless Paleo Hamburger Buns

5 Minute Fluffy Flourless Paleo Hamburger Buns

Extra fluffy and easy to make paleo hamburger buns will leave you wondering why you ever loved the grain filled life in the first place. These grain free hamburger buns are yeast free and only take 5 minute to prepare! 

The BEST paleo bread 5 Minute Fluffy Flourless Hamburger buns!! You NEED these in your life! They are incredibly easy to make and are light and fluffy (no crumbs). Also, these rolls can be made in the toaster oven! Best paleo bread recipes. Easy paleo bread. Easy gluten free bread recipe. Best gluten free hamburger buns. Gluten free bread rolls recipe. Easy paleo bread rolls.
soft and fluffy hamburger buns!

These deliciously gluten free and grain free buns will change your world. I LOVE these hamburger buns!!! Like, L O V E. The simple ingredients in these bready buns make such a lovely flavor. And paired with a Paleo Bacon Garlic Avocado Burger is a match made in heaven!

The pure ease of making this recipe is the second reason why I keep coming back and making this recipe, over and over again.

The BEST paleo bread 5 Minute Fluffy Flourless Hamburger buns!! You NEED these in your life! They are incredibly easy to make and are light and fluffy (no crumbs). Also, these rolls can be made in the toaster oven! Best paleo bread recipes. Easy paleo bread. Easy gluten free bread recipe. Best gluten free hamburger buns. Gluten free bread rolls recipe. Easy paleo bread rolls.

All the backyard BBQ vibes with these buns. I like to stuff these with burgers, bacon, or turkey breast and make it a sandwich. They are also wonderful eaten like a roll with a slab of dairy free butter and jam!

The BEST paleo bread 5 Minute Fluffy Flourless Hamburger buns!! You NEED these in your life! They are incredibly easy to make and are light and fluffy (no crumbs). Also, these rolls can be made in the toaster oven! Best paleo bread recipes. Easy paleo bread. Easy gluten free bread recipe. Best gluten free hamburger buns. Gluten free bread rolls recipe. Easy paleo bread rolls.

This recipe contains NO yeast!!! And no nuts! Which is wonderful, because this means there is no waiting around time, watching your lovely bready packages rise at snails pace. Everything goes in the food processor, gets blended up, and then it’s in the oven!

The BEST paleo bread 5 Minute Fluffy Flourless Hamburger buns!! You NEED these in your life! They are incredibly easy to make and are light and fluffy (no crumbs). Also, these rolls can be made in the toaster oven! Best paleo bread recipes. Easy paleo bread. Easy gluten free bread recipe. Best gluten free hamburger buns. Gluten free bread rolls recipe. Easy paleo bread rolls.

This week I have been either carb deprived or just ravishingly hungry. I think both. All I know is, yesterday all I wanted (needed) was loads of pancakes! Loads and loads of pancakes.

I whipped up a batch of my favorite fluffy paleo pancakes and before I knew it I had eaten the entire batch. I was in shock. Never has that happened before. I am kinda surprises at my intense cravings lately. Today, it was these hamburger buns topped with fresh avocado and basil๐Ÿ‘Œ

Enjoy topping off your Sunday BBQ with these beautiful buns! NO need to skimp, get the full experience and fall more in love with the paleo diet with every bite. No? That was just me?

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5 Minute Fluffy Flourless Paleo Hamburger Buns
Extra fluffy and easy to make paleo hamburger buns will leave you wondering why you ever loved the grain filled life in the first place. These grain free hamburger buns are yeast free and only take 5 minute to prepare!
Cook Time 22-25 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
hamburger buns
Course Side Dish
Votes: 554
Rating: 3.41
Rate this recipe!
Cook Time 22-25 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
hamburger buns
Course Side Dish
Votes: 554
Rating: 3.41
Rate this recipe!
  1. Preheat oven to 400F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In a food processor combine all the ingredients for the hamburger buns. Puree until the dough is smooth.
  3. Divide the dough into four equal parts and shape into a round ball (if the dough is sticking, coat your hands in water and then shape the dough). Pat the round buns down into a dome shape. Brush the buns with egg wash and then sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  4. Bake on 400F for about 22-25 minutes until golden brown.
Nutrition Facts
5 Minute Fluffy Flourless Paleo Hamburger Buns
Amount Per Serving
Calories 176 Calories from Fat 36
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 4g 6%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 2g
Cholesterol 186mg 62%
Sodium 420mg 18%
Potassium 164mg 5%
Total Carbohydrates 29g 10%
Dietary Fiber 10g 40%
Sugars 4g
Protein 6g 12%
Vitamin A 5%
Vitamin C 14%
Calcium 11%
Iron 5%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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  1. 1

    These look amazing. I’m going to give them a try for my burger tonight! Might add everything bagel topping instead of sesame. Eeeeeee. Thanks!

  2. 2

    Hi! We made these tonight for pulled pork sandwiches and they turned out great. Just one difference, ours were an almost light pumpernickel color! Any thoughts on why?

  3. 7

    We are definitely going to make them over and over again because they are the BEST paleo bread we’ve ever had…and I’ve experimented with a lot of recipes. So the color didn’t matter! Curious to see what happens the next time we make them. Thanks for such a great recipe!

  4. 12

    Get outta here! How did I miss this recipe??? It’s just what I need and I will be making it this weekend. You always have the best bread recipes (love me some 5 minute bread)!

    • 21
      Kaylie Johnson

      Hi Bailey! I’m not sure if anything else would work as well, psyllium reacts so uniquely that it’s hard to replicate. You could try a mix of arrowroot and flax to make a variation ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 24

    Wow, well done on this recipe. Best grain-free hamburger buns I’ve tried in the last few years. I’ll be trying your pretzels out later in the week, and I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing!

  6. 25

    Hi Kaylie, these look amazing & I hope to try them soon! Two of my children have egg allergies & I usually substitute with “flax eggs” in recipes. Should it work with this recipe?

  7. 41

    Just made them, but they are quite heavy, and a little doughy inside when I sliced in half. This right or have I did something wrong? I made 4 with exact ingredients above, but 3 x-large eggs, instead of the 4 medium. Thanks – excited now to try!

  8. 43

    These smell so good! I have a batch in the oven right now and I am so excited to try them. I am a huge bread eater, I think it is the hardest thing I had to give up. I can’t wait to eat a tuna sandwich on one of these.

  9. 44
    Mom Cordova

    I try them last night, with sloppy Joes, my kids love them . I usually have cassava flour ( aka tapioca flour) on my pantry. Last night I used brown rice flour and it worked fine. I would like to try them with the cassava flour tonight to see the difference. Overall great recipe,

    • 45

      Just a note to avoid confusion — cassava isn’t the same as tapioca. Cassava is the whole root dried and ground. Tapioca is the bright white starch extracted from it.

  10. 46

    Hey there, great recipe!!! I was wondering what I did wrong. I had to make fresh applesauce maybe it added to much water? They are very dense and started shrinking the moment I took them out of the oven. I used four medium eggs also. Thank so much. I will be trying again soon!!!

  11. 48
    Linda Yancey

    I just ordered some cassava flour on amazon to make these I didn’t think you could substitute tapioca flour at least thats what it said when I looked them both up on line.

  12. 51

    Hi, this recipe looks wonderful I cannot wait to try it. I noticed there is quite a bit of salt in the buns, is it possible to either use less or omit the salt all together? Thanks!

  13. 53

    Made these this evening. Consistency of dough was more like pancake batter using measurements given. This recipe calls for only 3/4 cup flour. Are you sure it shouldn’t be 1-3/4 cup?

  14. 61

    Hi Kaylie, I am trying the recipe right now. Problem is, the dough is completely fluid, just like joannf wrote. I used topiaka flour. I know you wrote that it wouldn’t work with this. But for my understanding topiaka flour and cassava flour are one and the same… ? (I am from Germany, and all the translations say so, plus the descriptions concerning cassava that I can find on the internet all state that cassava and topiaka are different names for one and the same. Can you help me out here?

    • 62

      I guess maybe it depends on the coarseness setting…. will try another product next time and add some allmond flour to the dough that I have right now.

    • 63
      Kaylie Johnson

      Tapioca is from the same plant, but it is processed differently and it is way more starchy and gummy when wet compared to cassava, which is known for being more dry… a lot more dry than tapioca. You can try it with tapioca, but I am thinking it would turn out gummy. Hope that helps!

  15. 66
    P. Boom

    Loved them! So easy and fast. I added onion and garlic powder to spice them up a bit. I will continue to play with other flavors as I choose not to add the salt. Thanks!

  16. 67

    I just made these and the dough is also like pancake batter. How long do I mix it in the food processor? Until what consistency? Should it form a dough in the processor? I really couldn’t form them into buns. Thank you.

    • 68
      Kaylie Johnson

      Hi Barbara, it sounds like your eggs may have been extra large…?? I will try and post a picture of the dough for sure! Good point. It should be able to form easily, not like pancake batter.

  17. 69

    Is it possible for you to post a picture of what the dough looks like when it comes out of the food processor? Thanks so much.

  18. 70

    I made this bread today following your recipe but the consistency was like pancake batter. I added 1 more cup of cassava flour and it finally formed a dough. Altho it’s not exactly the same as your measurement of flour, the buns still came out so good. My husband was over the moon while eating his burger. He has been craving burger in a bun for a long time and for the first time in years, he can enjoy it again. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Truly grateful๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜

  19. 72

    My batter was also too runny for forming into balls…had to add more cassava flour. I’m wondering if the ‘large’ eggs in the recipe are not very large?? I used farm eggs, guess by egg factory sizing they would be considered large or maybe extra large. Other than the consistency issue, they were great!

  20. 74

    Ok I just made these and they are beautiful! I’m getting a grittiness though – and nope I did not drop them in the floor. I’ve noticed this before when using casava in pancakes. Any suggestions? Love the easiness but not the gritiness. TKS

  21. 80

    Hey, Kaylie! I made these today and followed the recipe, but they turned into a different color and were kinda doughy. Any thoughts?

  22. 84

    Hi! Tried these today. Although the rose beautifully they collapsed pretty much instantly once out of the oven. I’ve noticed this with similar recipes using only Cassava flour. Do you have any suggestions on adding something that will maintain it’s rise?

      • 90
        Anne-Marie G.

        Thank you for your reply! I will try it anyway and if it works I let you know! Very good site by the way, I love your recipes!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. 91

    Hi! Made these tonight and the buns cracked down the middle… also the inside was grayish in color. Any suggestions as to why this happened? Thx

  24. 93

    Hi Kaylie, no they were store bought eggs. Also, the inside was a light grayish color – is that the color they should be, and is it from the psyllium husk powder? They tasted really good nonetheless and and I will be trying them again ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. 96

    I tried making these tonight and like all the other comments my dough turned out really liquidy. I added more flour till it became stickier but still only pancake batter. I cooked them for 30 min and they still collapsed and weren’t done so I stuck them in the microwave and they puffed back up lol continued cooking. . This seems like it’ll be a great recipe but the proportions are definitely off. I used 4 store bought large eggs. So I think you need to adjust the flour and add an extra cup or change the recipe to 3 large eggs 0r 4 smallish eggs or perhaps a1/4 cup of applesauce instead, if so many people have been getting the same runny result. I will expirement and write back. Really excited though because I can tell you are on to something! Thank you for creating this!

      • 98

        could it maybe be because you say you’re from higher elevation? I’m in the Denver area, a little higher, so I am at a higher elevation as well. Maybe thats the issue with others not getting the right results?

          • 100

            Made these tonight, at sea level in Seattle, with Costco Organic large eggs, unsweetened applesauce, and Anthonyโ€™s Cassava Flour. First had a pancake-y batter, which turned to cookie dough consistency after about a minute or two of processing. They puffed up and browned nicely in the oven but completely collapsed and turned into that typical GF goo, which usually indicates either underbaking or too much liquid in the dough. Will try again, but reduce the apple sauce to 1/4c next time, and play around with processing times (sounds like you only process till the dough comes together). GF baking is not as forgiving as baking with wheat, and results are affected by so many minute details… thanks for sharing your recipe; will keep trying to make it work in my sea level kitchen! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. 103

    Well I just made these and they didn’t rise in the oven as much as they look in the photos and when I took them out after 25 min they looked nice and brown but then proceeded to collapse and shrivel up while cooling. Followed the recipe exactly so any ideas on what went wrong?

  27. 106

    Hi, me again! I tried this the first time and the dough was fine and came out a bit too hard. Second time my dough is too wet and sticky, cannot even shape into a bun! Same recipe and I am not sure what is going wrong! What could this be. My buns look nothing like yours in the pic ;-)) I am making home made applesauce – 1/2 cup applesauce and I make sure it is room temperature when I am making the dough. Usual 4 large eggs! Thank

  28. 110

    I made this for the first time and my dough was also pancake consistency as others noted in the reviews. I read a bunch of the comments above and added more Cassava Flour as they suggested and it seemed to work a little better. Still an odd consistency. They came out ok – seemed a little dense and didn’t look like your picture. I used Flaxseed in place of psyllium husk powder. I did some research and everything I read said you can replace psyllium husk powder 1 for 1 flaxseed in baking bread recipes. My eggs are local and were large eggs – not sure what the issue was. Is the dough suppose to be very similar to bread dough or softer/mushier? When I warmed it them up they got a bit hard…

    • 111
      Kaylie Johnson

      Hi Anglea, you Cannot replace psyllium husk with flax, it will turn out dense and not at all the same. If you make it again, I would suggest following the recipe for the best results ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope that helps.

      • 112
        angela bennett

        Ahhh Ok, well that might be the missing link. Thanks! I just don’t have enough recipes that use psyllium husk so afraid it will just sit in my pantry ๐Ÿ™

  29. 116

    I tired this again and the dough was so sticky and dough I could hardly shape this into a bun! So I soaked hands in water and tried making the batter into small buns but it was so dough it flopped. It did not rise in the oven either! came out pretty flat. What could it be. I used a gluten free baking powder. Will it be possible for you to post a video tutorial of how you make your batter because your pictures looks like perfect bun and I have tried this so many times and its not working?? Thanks

  30. 119

    Hi Kaylie….I made these today and followed the recipe and it come out great :). With what can I replace apple sauce?
    I would not use anything sweet, my son dosn t like it. Thanks for the reply, Melita

  31. 121
    Donna Vee

    These look fantastic. I’m a huge fan of cassava. Makes the best pancakes and waffles in town ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wonder if I could use arrowroot and baking soda instead of baking powder. We can do NO corn products in our house.

  32. 128

    I just tried making these following the recipe just like you wrote, but the batter was really loose as others described before. I added another 1/2 cup of cassava flour and that seemed to work, but as I watch them in the oven right this moment they are rising but theyโ€™re also cracking. I wonder if 3 large eggs would be enough, rather than 4 ! Was so excited for this recipe, yours look absolutely gorgeous!

  33. 132

    I made these today. I used chia seeds instead of the psylium powder. I was out of apple sauce so I justed used honey (I added a little water for the sake of the chia seeds). Next time I will let the chia seeds soak a bit and actually remember the baking powder (whoops).

  34. 133

    Hi Kaylie. I enjoy your recipies. I am wondering if you need a food processor to make these. I only have a vitamix and a cuisinart mixer but would like to make them.

  35. 135

    Hi Kaylie! Just wondering what I can use to replace the cassava flour? I just tried using the tapioca flour, and it appears to be a bit runny. Do I need to add more, instead of 3/4 cup?

  36. 141

    Could you substitute sweet potato purรฉe for the applesauce? Canโ€™t wait to try these and your cinnamon raisin bagel recipe!!

  37. 143

    I researched cassava and learned that tapioca comes from cassava root. So, I substituted tapioca flour. I also substituted 1 teaspoon of xanthan for the psyllium husk. The dough was very thin so I added another 1/4 cup of tapioca flour. It’s still very soft, so I scooped it with an ice cream scoop. It puffed up nicely when it baked then collapsed. It may have needed more baking time. In all it didn’t turn out as I expected, but tasted good.

  38. 145

    I just made these tonight, the batter was as expected sticky, but able to form into balls, flatten and dome. I followed the recipe using Otto’s Cassava flour, psyllium husk powder, organic applesauce, home raised eggs, pink Himalayan salt and aluminium free baking powder. They baked up nicely, the rise was great, good texture-bread like. I do have to say something to all of the other cooks out there, cassava is not tapioca. Tapioca will not act the same in recipes as cassava flour, as cassava flour has more dietary fiber, not just the starch. Thank you for a great recipe, I will be making this again for my friends for hamburgers on the grill, yum

  39. 148

    This was soooooo thin! Something is wrong with these proportions… I dumped it on parchment paper in a baking sheet and am hoping that it raises enough to be foccocia thickness to use as a bun cut into squares ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป

  40. 149
    KaLinda LeJune

    Hello! I love the simplicity of this recipe! I am looking to make a sweet potato hamburger bun…any thoughts of how I could add sweet potato to this recipe? What would I need to adjust? Thank you!

    • 150

      Hi there, I have made this recipe with sweet potato. I just subbed the applesauce for sweet potato, they turned out, but they were more dense. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope that helps!

  41. 151

    I followed the recipe and the consistency was good, but I didn’t get much rise and the buns were a bit dense, any thoughts?

  42. 152

    Hello! Am I able to leave the applesauce out all together? I did not realize I am completely out of applesauce, sweet potatoes, and no pumpkin! Any other substitutes? Thanks!

  43. 154

    I have a question…. When the recipe says 4 eggs…. Is that 3 eggs for the buns and 1 for the wash or do you use 4 eggs for the buns and an extra egg for the wash….????

  44. 156

    After reading everyones comments I took a slower approach. I added all of the dry ingredients, and the applesauce, then added one egg at a time (large). After 2 eggs I questioned adding a 3rd, because it was already starting to look runny. But I added the third anyway. It was a little runny, but after letting it sit a few minutes it thickened up to where I could scoop some in my wet hands and form them into buns. They turned out great! I am going to make them again and form into hamburger and hotdog buns. Thank you!

  45. 158

    This recipe sounds so quick to make. I have been looking for a good hamburger/hot dog Paleo bun recipe that uses Cassava flour because I think it tastes more like wheat. Can I use 3 tablespoons flax seed meal in place of the psyllium husk powder?

  46. 160

    I’ve just made these, they’re in the oven as I type this. The proportions worked perfectly for me, it smelled great too. I added black chia seeds as well as the sesame seeds on top. They’re looking so good! Can’t wait to try them

  47. 161

    I have been looking for a hamburger bun recipe using cassava flour because I think it tastes more like wheat. Do you think I could use ground flax meal instead of the psyllium husk powder? Thank you.

  48. 163

    Ok so we absolutely love these. My problem is that when I take them out of the oven they are perfect and as they cool they collapse. What am I doing wrong

    • 164

      Hi Bri, some people have reported the same, based off of their location- elevation has something to due with changing the consistency for some reason). Not sure how to gauge and fix the issue. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry!

  49. 167

    Hi Kayli, I want to make these but don’t have apple sauce and cant get organic apples to make it at the moment. What could I substitute with? Thanks

  50. 169

    I have just baked these buns myself .. really loved how quick it took and the aroma and consistency of the dough .. however after all prescribed baking time and exactly the same amount of ingredients they didn’t really rise and grow in the oven and it looks like, despite being nicely brown on the outside, they seem to be slack-baked and bit raw inside .. could you advise me on what did I do wrong?
    Kind Regards

    • 170

      Hi there, some people have reported that the psyllium husk powder changes cooking consistency when cooked at different altitudes- I’m not sure why or how, but it seems to be the consensus. Weird!

  51. 172
    Cheryl H

    For those of you who are worried about the carbs don’t sweat it. You are actually only getting 19 grams countable of carbs. The general rule of thumb is
    total carbs – fiber = countable carbs.
    All that fiber (10 grams) helps flush calories. Bonus on the protein, 6 grams. I would gladly eat 3 of these a day.

  52. 173

    I feel like I comment too much, but I just love your recipes and your attitude and blah blah blah SO….I love these buns, I make them often. I’m in Denver and haven’t really experienced issues with altitude making the buns fall like others. I have had a few weird batches but I’m sure its differences in brands of flour/bigger eggs/etc. Anyways, Kaylie, have you ever formed this dough into a bread loaf or anything else? Just wondering! Might try it.

  53. 175

    I experimented making these today with xantham gum instead of psyllium (couldnโ€™t find it in my store!) I think itโ€™s a good substitute for everyone asking, because these were soooooo good! I found that subbing 1 for 1 with the xantham gum made some bigger dough, so I would just separate it for more buns if thatโ€™s the case for a more even cook ๐Ÿ™‚ but these are awesome!!

  54. 176

    Hi. I tried going through most of the comments to see if this was asked already, but there are so many. Sorry if this was asked. Is that amount of salt required? I know that in traditional baking the salt reacts with the yeast and helps tighten the gluten. But I’m wondering if it plays a role here other than flavor. I require a low sodium diet and while these look amazing the NA is way to high per bun for me. Thanks for all you do.

  55. 178

    I also had a problem with the dough being too wet to work with, so I added more cassava until the texture was workable. I also had the problem of my buns collapsing, and I am at not at a high altitude so I don’t think that’s the issue..

  56. 179

    With only 3/4 of a cup of cassava flour it comes out as a soup. I added more cassava which came up to 2.5 cups and it was workable dough at this point. Unfortunately I now have very heavy dense buns, which the only way I will be able to use them will be to carve out the insides. I think this recipe needs some work.

    • 180

      Hi Shari, what brand cassava flour did you use? I have found that you have to use the same brand cassava flour for the same results (Anthonys Goods).

  57. 183

    These are great! I flatten the buns out so we have a bun that fits the burger and the buns aren’t too thick. My are a dark color since the psyllium husk powder is dark. This is my go to recipe.

  58. 184

    Made these today, my โ€œdoughโ€ was also runny as many mentioned but I added s TBSP of coconut flour and that helped. It was not a traditional dough, I had to spoon into the pan but they held their shape, were nice and light like a bun should be. Iโ€™ll definitely make again!

  59. 185

    These were super tasty; altho definitely not fluffy :). I am following a lectin free eating plan so opted for sweet potato instead of applesauce and used 3 XL eggs. Overall very happy with results and looking forward to tweaking with different herbs and spices etc!

  60. 186
    Karen Mitchell

    OMG I just made these tonight, THEE BEST and EASIEST gluten free bun i’ve ever made!!!!!! Delicious! The wetting your hands trick was mint! perfect buns!!!!

  61. 188

    Iโ€™m super excited I found your website! I just purchased Anthonyโ€™s flour on Amazon. So, Iโ€™ll make these soon. This definitely gives me a great start b/c itโ€™s hard finding recipes like this;). Even if they donโ€™t turn out right at least I can play around with until Iโ€™m satisfied. With your help, I would still be without a bun or hope that a bun could even be possible with this type of flour.

  62. 193
    Rob Pannett

    Why does the recipe say โ€œblackโ€ sesame seeds, when the pictures clearly show โ€œwhiteโ€ sesame seeds? Does this mean pictures do not represent the recipe?

    • 194

      Hi Rob, my recipe plugin will auto fill ingredients sometimes- I think that’s what happened. I corrected it. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is the actual recipe! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. 195
    Donald Johnson

    Made the buns last week and were awesome. Read some of the other comments and thought I’d tackle the loaf of bread. Made a double batch, baked at 375 for 40 minutes and let it rest in the oven to help bake through since it is so dense. By far, the best Paleo bread I’ve made. Great recipe.

  64. 196

    I tried this for the first time tonight and the dough was so thin it was like pancakes. I could note roll it into balls!!!! I used Almond flour as we need to stay low carb. I added more than twice the flour called for and it was still too thin.

  65. 198

    Yum! I ran into the same issue as several others where the batter was too thin after adding 4 eggs. Next time I’ll start with 3 and go from there. I threw in more cassava flour until it was thick enough. Easy enough.
    I turned these into slider buns instead of regular sized ones. Used an ice cream scoop to get similar size and they were ready in 10-12 minutes. I’ll definitely be using this one again!

  66. 199

    My bread was a disaster. I couldn’t get the right consistency. Maybe I pureed too much? I also had to replace the baking powder for baking soda and didn’t add the psyllium husk powder because my husband can’t add fiber to his diet, he has UC. Can anyone help me with some tips? Thank you very much!

  67. 202

    Hi! This is the best gf nut-free hamburger bun recipe that I’ve seen! So many use almond flour, but I’m allergic. Just made some and they turned out really good! They’re a bit dense, but they formed really good-sized rolls that puffed up a bit in the oven. Because of reviews about how liquid-y the dough turned out, I started by adding only 3 eggs and 1/4c apple sauce. It was fairly dry so I added the other egg and 1/8c additional apple sauce. It seemed a bit too wet at that point, so I sprinkled a bit more cassava and psyllium husk. Found the right balance, then let it sit to thicken for a few minutes. I did need to put water on my hands to form the buns as the dough was pretty sticky. Used the egg wash & Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning (amazing!). I might adjust for next time though to try to make it a bit lighter/airier instead of being so dense (would one fewer egg do the trick?). I’ll let you know if any changes improve the texture.

  68. 203

    These turned out amazing!! I used almond meal instead of cassava flour, and crushed pineapple in place of apple sauce because I didn’t have those ingredients. Followed the rest of the recipe exactly, switched from my small Nutri ninja blender to just a big bowl and whiz stick to mix which helped get the dough texture just right. In the small blender, it was super fluffy and then firmed up a bit in the bowler and mixer. Made 6 good sized buns and I topped with sesame and basil seeds. Absolutely loved this recipe and will definitely use again!! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. 205

    Just made those. They look amazing! I haven’t tasted them yet though, burgers for lunch! I also tried your gluten free paleo bread – https://paleoglutenfree.com/recipes/healthy-5-minute-gluten-free-paleo-bread/ – and it is also AMAZING! I tried a few different GF bread recipes but yours is my favourite ever! I keep coming back to it. Thank you for these amazing gluten free paleo recipes that are fast and super easy to make! It makes it so much easier to transition to a GF diet without having to give up bread. I am French so bread and butter is a culture thing and it’s been so hard to give up but not anymore with your wonderful baking recipes! Thank you! I am a big fan.

  70. 207

    Hi there! I tried two batches of your soft and fluffy hamburger buns yesterday – they sounded great! I think I followed the recipe exactly, but I must have done something wrong! They looked beautiful coming out of the oven, but almost immediately collapsed to very flat wrinkly buns after taking them out. They were anything but soft or fluffy – very dense and dark inside, almost doughy. Can you think of what may have gone wrong? The only thing I did differently was brush melted butter instead of egg on top for the sesame seeds to stick… could that have messed them up? Iโ€™d love for these to work! Thank you!!!

    • 208

      Hi Jennifer, sorry to hear that! I have made them over and over again and I haven’t had that problem, so I’m not really sure… maybe a difference in elevation when cooking- that sometimes causes those results unfortunately.

  71. 211
    Bronya Graydon

    I used tapioca flour and I could not get the consistency thick enough are used flaxseed instead of psyllium husk because I donโ€™t use psyllium husk I could not get it though thick enough and I think theyโ€™re going to be a disaster. I guess I better get some cassava flour

  72. 212

    Iโ€™m not sure what happened because I followed the recipe EXACTLY. But, the dough was more like pancake batter, unable to shape. I added a handful of flour to thicken. Once done they were extremely gummy and sticky. Why is that? I donโ€™t understand why the dough didnโ€™t work out with that exact amount that was called for and why it would be gummy.. please advise!

    • 213

      Hi Amanda, I have heard from other readers that that can happen when using other brands of cassava flour. Could that have been the case? It is suggested to use Anthonys Goods brand for best results. I haven’t personally tested other brands, unfortunately, they seem to vary in consistency across the board.

  73. 215

    I am wondering if I can use this same recipe with other types of gluten-free flour (other than cassava) ——like perhaps rice flours mix etc. I tried this recipe and found that it made a very dense bun and the buns seemed to flatten out (diminish in height) while cooling. Perhaps I should lower the oven temp—-cook a little longer to set, and use a “fresher” baking powder (my baking powder sits in the fridge and is aluminum-free) but perhaps outdated! Buns did rise, but fell down again while cooking! Thank you for the recipe!

    • 216

      Hi Mari, I think the best sub would be a gluten free flour blend; however, I haven’t tried it to say how it would work out. Others have reported when baking with psyllium husk powder at different altitudes it alters the recipe- I’ve never had that happen to mine, so I can’t say what would be a good fix yet- so sorry!

  74. 217
    Mari C

    I I think the reason some are getting “thin pancake-like consistency” is because they have not mixed it long enough. At first, when I started making the recipe, I thought I had that type of batter, but a few more spins in the food processor, and it started to thicken (a lot). But then I may have over-mixed the dough, because although I was able to form the balls and shape the dough quite easily, my buns collapsed immediately upon removal from the oven. They rose to a great height, and looked beautiful just like your bun photos (while they were still in the oven) but then, upon removal, they deflated, and became dense and seemed to be undercooked! Perhaps it has to do with the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. I am down (very far down) on the Gulf Coast; our humidity is usually very high! I am shaving these buns very thinly, and drying them up in a low-temp oven to use as cereal—goes great with my “Rice Dream” milk and a few blueberries or other fresh fruit! Thanks for the recipe; I will give it another try using my GF rice flour mixture—and hope for the best!

  75. 219
    Kirsten Haahr

    My bums did not turn out fluffy, they were very dens and heavy, but not doughy though. Very tasty, but donโ€™t let them fall on your head or you will get a concussion.
    Iโ€™m not sure what I did wrong. I followed the recipe to the letter, except the brands as I canโ€™t get ottoโ€™s here in Denmark. Iโ€™m at sea level, my oven is on fan 205 c, and i baked for exactly 25 min. I tried reading the comments but it seems most people have the opposite problem with runny dough. What can I do? Add a little more baking powder, make it a more wet dough or is there a third option?

  76. 220
    Ingrid P

    I tried them for my husbands birthday back in April and they were delicious. I had to grill them a bit more though as they were still gummy on the inside and dense. I’m sure it was the kind of cassave flour I used. I live in France and we don’t get the brands that exist in the US. I get mine from Asian or African stores. Still it was really delicious!!!

  77. 221

    These were absolutely fantastic! They’re definitely the best gluten-free buns I’ve ever made. I unfortunately didn’t have cassava flour but still wanted to try them, so I used about 1/2 c tapioca flour and 1/4 c almond flour and mixed them by hand. The mixture started out very runny and I was afraid it wouldn’t work, but I left it for a minute or two and when I came back it had thickened up quite a bit. I couldn’t form them in my hands but they were easy enough to shape with wet hands on a baking sheet after I blobbed four portions of dough on it. I’m sure they would turn out even better when I have the proper flour, but despite my substitution they were excellent.

    Thank you so much for this recipe!

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