Homemade Paleo Avocado Cream Cheese Toast

An easy recipe for paleo avocado toast! Loaded with all the goods… dairy free cream cheese recipe, smoked salmon, roasted broccoli, sautéed mushrooms, and of course, avocado! Made on 5 minute paleo sandwich bread.

paleo avocado toast to the rescue!

I have been tracking the majority of what I have been eating on Instagram this last month (and will continue to do so). I have started paying more close attention to how I feel after eating, what I am eating, and taking more intentional time to prep my food and put some love into it.

Something I have been doing is making a loaf or two of one of my paleo bread recipes then topping it off with different whole food toppings for an easy lunch or breakfast! Here was one of my favorite combos from the week, paleo avocado cream cheese toast with smoked salmon. C’mon! Those are some of my favorite things! Love, love smoked salmon (who doesn’t??… okay, maybe some do).

But smoked salmon served with dairy free cream cheese (which is my new snacking NEED) perfection. I have serveral paleo bread recipes and lots more in my ebook; any of these recipes will go perfectly with this combo.

Just follow the links in the ingredients to prep up the majority of the ingredients.

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