I'm Kaylie

Hi there! I am Kaylie, 22. I’m a full-time food maker/picture taker, blogging about my life eating mostly plants. I’m a full-time fan of anything outdoor related and can usually be found on my SUP board, taking a hike, or skiing on my lunch break (being your own boss is sometimes pretty boss😁).

I went through a crummy time of being super sick and bed ridden in my teen years up until just now. Being sick kept me from doing anything I loved for years- even lifting a glass of water was sometimes a two man job, but there more to the story… keep reading ;).

Now, I continue to seek healing both physically, mentally, and emotionally and thank Jesus everyday for the healing work he is doing in my life and all around me!

I live in a tiny mountain town in Washington state with no traffic lights or post office. You probably don’t know where it is, so I won’t bore you trying to explain where, “where’s that?” and “huh?” is found on a map.

There are perks of living between “where’s that?” and “huh?”, though. I live in a virtual playground for adventure hounds. There’s a ski track right outside my front door, mountains on every side, lakes that look like oceans, and thankfully, a Safeway thirty minutes away for emergency pineapple and kombucha runs.

Back when I hated cooking and was really sick, the only thing I really could do was cook, ironic, right?

So, I started cooking healthy recipes to see if I would start feeling better- I didn’t. But I sure enjoyed all that food and discovered a love for creating easy healthy recipes and photography.

Every one of those days that I didn’t want to keep waking up anymore, and was done being in pain, God was knitting together something so radical and beautiful; I never saw it coming!

Soon, my days making cupcakes filled with vegetables for my brothers and sister turned into making cauliflower pitas and sharing them with millions of readers that now visit my blog. Like I said, I never saw it coming.

Here is where I introduce Stephen to you: he is my incredibly talented brother, computer nerd, and the behind the scenes guy you never get to meet. Without him, there would be no you and me meeting right now. He keeps the website’s heart still beating; without him, there would be no pinterest plugins, SEO improvements, or whatever the heck 867549^^%%$ means in code. You could say I’m pretty thankful for that dude.

So, now you know a little bit about me and my blog. Let’s get to the fun stuff! Here are a few things you might not know about me.

A little about me

Plus faq

Coffee or tea? Tea. Or kombucha please!

Mountain or ocean? Well, that’s a hard one. But if I could only have one forever, it would be both.

Favorite childhood recipe? Um, only my all time favorite cranberry muffins from Betty Crocker. Those things are literally my first obsession, it was real. And they were the very first thing I ever baked as a kid; shortening and all. YUM.

What’s in my fridge? All the green leafy stuff, avocados, eggs, kombucha, fruit, and probably leftovers that I’m hiding from my sister in my side of the door for my next meal (holla!).

Morning routine? Water, water, and more water. Then it’s time to stretch out the muscles with either yoga, a hike up the ridge, or hope on the treadmill for a good jaunt around my room, while I tend to readers comments and questions. Then it’s BREAKFAST; usually a smoothie or pile of greens and fruit.

3 things you don’t know about me?

  1. I used to teach dance and started my own dance company at sixteen- entrepreneurship runs deep in my blood.
  2. I am recovering from six years of chronic illness. It started with mono then went to: adrenal burnout, hashimoto’s disease, thalassemia, anemia, pernicious anemia, allergies to like- everything, back issues, depression, leaky gut, and to top it all off, I kept getting all these weird viruses.
  3. I slept in a dresser drawer when I was a baby, because my parents lived in a rad little blue VB bus for a short time.

When did you start blogging? I started this blog in 2016.

Foodie crush? It’s gotta be Half Baked Harvest, this girl is rocking the food world right now. Obsessed with everything this talented chica has to offer.

Who would I rather marry? Steve or Jessie from Full House? Um, gosh… I’ve been asking myself the same thing for eleven years and I still have no clue, I’m torn.

Tunes? I listen to a lot of mellow stuff, your average indie/pop jams, but gems like “This Will Be” by Natalie Cole will still have me dancing in the kitchen in 2081.

Do I eat strict paleo? I used to. The only foods I used to be able to eat were: poultry, fish, nuts + seeds, and a handful of vegetables. Did I mention, I am forever grateful for Jesus continuing to heal my body more and more every day!

Now, I strive for a healthy balanced healthy lifestyle. A little of everything, mostly plants, not a lot of meat, sometimes paleo, sometimes raw vegan, and sometimes pizza with everything.

Now that you know a little about me, I want to hear from YOU!! Let’s stay connected on Instagram or by email. You guys are seriously the best! Thanks for stopping in! Love,


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