I'm Kaylie

Hi there! I am Kaylie, a 21 year old entrepreneur/food blogger, lover of real food, and healed by the grace of God. I grew up in the beautiful pacific northwest and I am currently living in a tiny mountain town with no traffic lights and a three hour drive away from Whole Foods; that doesn’t stop me from making the trek to the other side of the mountains and stocking up on all my favorite raw almonds butters, tahini spreads, and kale chips!!

A little about me

Plus faq

If you looked in my fridge this is what you would find: the staples- all the green leafy stuff, avocados, eggs, coconut yogurt, mammoth bars, kombucha, and eggs.

On my days off you can find me: outside chasing a beautiful view, on the water or my skis. Also, planning my next meal probably makes it into this category; along with, reading, yoga, cleaning/designing something, and sharing life with friends and family💕.

My morning routine consists of: water, water, more water, reading a chapter of my trending favorite book, yoga, and BREAKFAST (usually a fruitless smoothie or a slice of gluten free toast with avo + wet egg scramble- hold the cheese).

A few things you might not know about me if we met/fun facts: I used to teach dance/started a dance company. I used to HATE COOKING… you wouldn’t find me within 10 feet of the baking aisle (yeah, things have changed a bit…). I am actually an introvert- I thoroughly enjoy visiting friends and meeting new friends, but I like my nights and mornings just to unwind, journal, sip tea, yoga, and be with family. I am recovering from six years of severe chronic illness, was on bed rest throughout my teenage years, and on another subject-  I used to sleep in a dresser drawer, when I was a baby (because my parents were cool hippies like that and lived in a VB bus for sometime- don’t worry I didn’t suffocate, they took the drawer OUT of the dresser😜).

When did you start blogging? I started this blog a year ago. The progression- I went from high school/working four jobs, to starting a small dance company, then to blogging full time! Never did I think this would become my full time job. I am so blessed by all of you!! It’s been such an inspiring and enriching community to be a part of, thank you for making this journey incredible!

Do I eat strict paleo? I used to.The only foods I used to be able to eat were: poultry, fish, nuts + seeds, and a handful of vegetables. I am forever grateful for Jesus continuing to heal my body from disabling chronic illnesses more and more every day! Now, I strive for a balanced healthy lifestyle and diet- a little of everything, mostly plants, mostly raw vegan, sometimes paleo, and sometimes pizza with all the fixings!

Well, now that you know a little about me, I want to hear from YOU!! Let’s stay connected on Instagram or by email. You guys are seriously the best! Thank you for stopping by. Blessings,


My favorite PGFE’s recipes: