So, you want to know what’s in the bag, huh? You have come to the right place! Now this is what I love: all that beautiful shiny gear. ūüôā Let’s get started! First off, I will give you a peek inside my bag¬†filled with my camera, lenses, and accessories. Then I will break it down for ya.

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Let’s be honest, shopping for memory cards is boring. Who knows what to get when they all look the same? Well, this San Disk Extreme 8 GB is a high performance card that ensures optimum quality. I use this card and it performs very well. Important note: owning at least three of these cards is a good idea.¬†Finding yourself in a pinch with a full memory card or corrupted card is not pleasant. Trust me. It is better to use many cards with a lower GB then one card with lots of storage. Because, if your card suddenly fails you, not all your images will be one one card.

Now, if you want the absolute best and¬†fastest memory card out there, you will want to turn your eyes to this baby- the 32¬†Sandisk Extreme Pro. Trust me when I say, IT IS WORTH IT!!! Every penny! I have had to make do with slow memory cards, memory card with space for only eight pictures, the list goes on… Ugh! It’s the worst when you have a perfect photoshoot, the perfect lighting, and you can’t take the picture, because your memory card is slow as molasses and can’t seem to take more than a handful of pictures before it decided it’s time to load those photos. You guys, its SO worth it! You don’t want to miss out on that perfect photoshoot because of a slow memory card.¬†

When asked what has impacted my food photography the most, I will always answer with this: Adobe¬†Lightroom. Without a doubt, this was the best investment ever. Lightroom is the only thing¬†needed to take photos from great¬†to amazing!¬†Lightroom can salvage crummy photos, but who wants to do that? Even better, Lightroom will take a great photo and tip it over the edge to amazing, stellar, and perfection!¬†I highly recommend all photographers looking to improve their photos to purchase Lightroom. There will be no regrets.¬†Scared by the thought of¬†Photoshop?¬†Lightroom is a great place to start. Because it is easy to use, I feel like it’s instant success. The difference in images will be noticeable right away.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan includes both, Lightroom and Photoshop. This tool kit is all any aspiring photographer and professional alike will ever need. I use Lightroom for all my bulk editing. Photoshop I use for creating long Pinterest images, in depth editing, and anything I need to do that involves layers. Adobe has switched to by monthly/yearly subscription instead of hard copies. Plans begin at $9.99/month.

LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt and USB¬†I have learned the hard way… like loosing ALL my photos hard way!!! That back up storage is essential! This heavy duty back up drive is hardcore.

  • Shock, drops up to 5 feet, dust and water resistant for all-terrain use
  • Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 for speeds of up to 240 MB/s
  • Bus powered via Thunderbolt for mobile workflows
  • Hardware RAID 0/1 flexibility for speed or security

Davis & Sanford Magnum P343 Aluminum Tripod with Ball Head¬†This tripod is the bomb! Like seriously. It’s so sturdy and has an incredibly reach at it’s tallest 72″. The tripod head is a ball head, which allows you to maneuver your camera in any and all directions. I know, pretty rad, huh? This tripod is a fantastic¬†budget friendly investment. My tripod is my extra set of hands! It’s a must;)

AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control for Canon Digital SLR Cameras¬†This little handy remote makes taking images hands free a total breeze. And for only $8.49, it’s literally one of the best investments… okay, maybe it doesn’t cost enough to be an “investment”, but you need it. This remote works wirelessly with DSLR cameras so that you can get that perfect shot. Enjoy it!… Cause it’s gonna change your life, my friend;)