Kaylie’s Gift Guide | Favorite Things

Kaylie’s Gift Guide | Favorite Things 

Basically, everything I have been loving lately! These are all the must have’s in my life right now. 

Primally Pure Face Oil– I use this stuff every day and if you are going to get anything, get this! It is life-changing; especially, if you struggle with hormonal acne or want super fresh, clean, and dewey skin. It smells and feels amazing on the skin! I noticed a huge difference right away within the first two applications, my skin was clearer, brighter, and had a nice golden sun-kissed look, thanks to the natural oils that tint the color in it.  You won’t regret it, it’s the perfect gift for any women/girl. Use this link to get 10% off.

Keto Collagen Powder + MCT– it tastes like birthday cake or hot chocolate (your pick, I love them both!). This collagen MCT power duo tastes incredibly amazing, I make it every day and it’s made with delicious and clean ingredients. The collagen in it is excellent for growing healthy skin, hair, and nails and the MCT oil fuels your brain with healthy fats to keep you going longer and stronger through the day. This is a daily thing for me and I know you’re gonna love it too… and so will whoever you gift it to! Use this link to get a 15% discount.

Organic Earl Grey Tea– I don’t remember the last time I was this obsessed with a tea in my life, it’s seriously SO GOOD and paired with almond milk creamer, it’s the dream team. My roommates and I have been going crazy for this tea lately; you need it in your life… and it makes a great stocking stuffer! Use think link to get 10% off.

Organic Shea Butter– This stuff is my go-to lotion and skin care routine for everything, except my face (in that case, I use my Primally Pure Fancy Face Oil mentioned above). It’s so soothing and feels so buttery soft on the skin. It’s super moisturizing and hydrating. The best part is, it takes only one organic ingredient to get the job done!

Chunky Knit Yarn Throw– This year my sister made me one of those chunky oversized knit throws in white and it is a dream to snuggle into every evening. You can easily make your own at home, for you or someone you love (just follow a quick youtube tutorial for how to knit one with your fingers). Trust me, it’s Pinterest worthy!

Carhartt Beanie– There are multiple of these circulating between me and my roommates right now- we can’t get enough of the cosiness and warm vibes.

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    Very useful article with great ideas! Tea is my absolute favorite among the lot. I personally get my tea from TeaSwan because of their amazing collection! Definitely check them out.

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